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DefenderShield® Affiliate Program Agreement

Below are the terms and conditions for joining our Affiliate Program. They must be read carefully before you join our program or begin marketing our products.

Conformance to these terms and conditions ensures a sustainable and profitable relationship with DefenderShield® and our Affiliates. The Affiliate is responsible to ensure compliance at all times including those actions of their employees, agents or contractors acting on that Affiliate's behalf.

The terms of this agreement are subject to change without prior notice, but we will try to notify you of such changes in advance.


The following are the terms used throughout this document and their meaning: (i) "We", "us", or "our" refers to DefenderShield®, their products and their website; (ii) "you" or "your" refers to the Affiliate; (iii) "our website" refers to DefenderShield® properties located at www.defendershield.com; (iv) "your website" refers to any websites that you will link to our website; (v) "Program" refers to the DefenderShield® Affiliate Program.

1. Applying for our Program

You are applying for our Affiliate Program right now. We reserve the right to decline or remove enrollment from our program at our discretion.

If declined, we encourage you to contact us to ensure that the best decision was made for both parties.

As soon as your application is accepted, you can start sharing your affiliate link and earning affiliate commissions.

2. Affiliate Commissions

Your affiliate dashboard is unique to you. It contains everything you'll need to promote our site and our product, including:

You can also access your Tapfiliate dashboard on youriPhone or Android smartphone.

As you send traffic to our website via your affiliate link, you will receive credit for each unique visitor, opt-in (email address) and purchase you send our way. Your progress for each category of referral will be reflected in real-time on your affiliate dashboard.

Each link provided by Sample has an Affiliate ID attached. We can't track your sales and traffic without you posting the full URL, so please be sure to use your affiliate link. Our social sharing shortcuts have your affiliate link embedded in their posts.

When a prospect visits our site from your affiliate link, we will be able to register their purchase (if/when they make one), and credit the sale to you.

As your referrals generate sales, you will earn affiliate commissions. Please contact our affiliate manager for the most up-to-date commission percentages.

Commission payment issued once a month 40 days after the sale. This is to make sure that the customer doesn't return the product during our money-back period. Payment will be made via PayPal so ensure that you enter your email associated with your PayPal account when registering.

3. Restrictions

The following are Affiliate website(s) restrictions:

a) Your content will not be defamatory, obscene, harmful to minors, threatening, harassing, or displays nudity, pornography or sexually explicit materials.

b) You will not employ programs, software or other technology that interferes with traffic flow which attempts to intercept, divert or redirect Internet traffic to or from any other website, or that potentially enables the diversion of Affiliate commissions from another website.

c) There will be no infringement on our or any other person's or entity's intellectual property, publicity, privacy or other rights.

d) You will not use any viruses, time bombs, cancelbots, trojan horses, worms, or other computer destructive programming routines that will or are intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept, or expropriate any system, data, or personal information.

e) There will be no violation of any law, rule or regulation.

4. Linking to our Website

When accepted into the Program, you are provided with links from the affiliate system administration interface. Acceptance in our program means that you have agreed to the terms of the Program and you will abide by the following:

  1. You will not participate in cookie stuffing, pop-ups, or have false or misleading links. These are strictly prohibited. Additionally, there will be no masking the referring URL information, always presenting the page from where the click originates.
  2. There will be no redirects to bounce a click off of a domain from which the click did not originate in order to give the appearance that it came from that domain. This is prohibited and a direct violation of the program terms. If such redirection violations are found, your current and past commissions will be voided or your commission level will be set to 0%. This does not include using "out" redirects from the same domain where the affiliate link is placed.
  3. Buying using your own Affiliate link: Affiliates are not eligible for commissions on purchases made through your own affiliate link. If there are special situations where your business makes sales in such a way, we ask that you get in touch with us. Under these situations, we can modify our processes to accommodate your needs.
  4. Presenting or creating the impression that your Website is our Website or any part of our Website including, without limitation, framing of our Website in any manner is prohibited.
  5. You only use Affiliate linking code obtained from the affiliate interface without manipulation.
  6. Your Affiliate profile will include the list of all of your domains that are a part of the program.

5. Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

a) We already run search engine marketing (PPC) campaigns on Google; therefore, we ask our affiliates not to run PPC campaigns for our products and services on Google.

b) Bidding or acquiring any of our trademarked terms, including any variations or misspellings thereof for search or content based campaigns on Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo or any other network is prohibited.

c) You may not sequence our trademark terms with any other keyword (e.g., defendershield coupons, defendershield discount codes).

d) Trademarked & prohibited terms include, but are not limited to: DefenderShield®, defendershield, defender shield, defendershield, defender shield, defendershield®, defender shield®, defendershield.com, wwwdefendershield.com, wwwdefendershieldcom

It is your responsibility to exclude our trademark terms from your program, and it is recommended that you add our trademarked terms as negative keywords. There will be no tolerance for violations of this policy on PPC trademark bidding. Penalty actions will be taken in which you will forfeit all commissions for a minimum of the past 30 days and your commission will be set to 0% without warning.

6. Coupon Guidelines

As a Program Affiliate which has Website to promote coupon codes, you must adhere to our Coupon Guidelines as follows:

a) A click through must link directly to our website. We strictly prohibit framing of our website.

b) You may NOT advertise coupon codes obtained from our non-affiliate advertising, customer emails, paid search, or any other campaign.

c) Without exception, you must only advertise coupon codes that are provided to you through the Affiliate Program or network.

d) There will be no deceptive cookie stuffing. It is unacceptable for you to mislead customers into clicking on an offer or coupon that does not exist or practice similarly deceptive tactics that are generally referred to as "cookie stuffing" including but not limited to:

  1. No enticements are to be made that offer a button claiming to show “all offers” that actually is used to set the affiliate cookie in the background.
  2. No enticements or claims are to be made to a user which requires a click on a link first to activate or receive an offer.
  3. Knowingly using expired offers, offers that don’t exist or unrelated affiliate offers are unacceptable. There will be no technology used that generates a click or sets cookies from the action of copying a coupon code or through a pop under.

7. Domain Names

Our domain name (s) cannot be registered or used with any URLs and/or domain names by the Affiliate. The use of our names and trademarks by you is considered to be infringing on our names or trademarks, including but not limited to the DefenderShield® trademark. This use is prohibited. Affiliates cannot use, purchase or otherwise exploit through third parties, any of our marks or registered domain names, or any marks or other closely related domain names. We reserve the right to apply reasonable discretion when determining violations with our marks or registered domain names, including but not limited to misspellings of our marks or registered domain names, and those found in metatags. Affiliates are prohibited from using our trademarked terms, or misspellings of our trademarked terms, as part of the domain or sub-domain for your website (e.g., defendershield.website.com or www.defendershield-coupons.com).

8. Software Applications

The Affiliate cannot download software to users that alerts or otherwise redirects users. There will be no downloaded enabling software within connections associated with us, our website or affiliate link, or any website or link directly or indirectly related to an Affiliate. Examples of such software are a Browser Helper Objects (BHO's), downloadable reminder services, or any other program codes that generate pops-up or redirect the user.

9. Advertising and Publicity

There will be no print or written material that makes reference to our Program, unless the material is reviewed by us and approved prior to distribution along with written consent from us. If you intend to promote our Program in campaigns that are email based, Affiliate agrees to abide by the following:

a) All E-mails are reviewed by us before distribution and approvals are given in writing.

b) The E-mail is distributed by you and sent on your behalf with absolutely no reference to us.

c) The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Public Law No. 108-187) as it relates to our Program.

10. Reversal and Communication Policy

We reserve the right to rectify transactions related to customer disputes, returns, order cancellations, duplicate tracking, and terms and condition violations as specified in the program.

When clarification or requests for more information are required on any orders or clicks that we suspect may be term and condition violations, we expect that your response will be timely, honest, and consistent with following our communications policy:

a) You will be expected to validate the source of your traffic with clear and discernable proof.

b) Affiliates will be truthful, clear, not intentionally vague and forthcoming with information.

c) You will always be responsive within a reasonable time period and make available your contacts as specified in your Affiliate Program network profile.

If any of the communication policy points are not met, we reserve the absolute right to take actions included but not limited to reversing orders, suspending commissions in the time period in question. To avoid these actions, you should ensure that your processes, particularly the automated processes are not inadvertently violating the communication policies. The Affiliate must be diligent to adhere to our program rules.

Communication Policy violations are immediately deemed to be a material breach of this agreement and may result in termination from the DefenderShield® Affiliate Program.

11. Disclosures

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has endorsement rules in place for affiliate marketing. In short, they want you to disclose that you have a business relationship with us when you promote and post your link. You can read the full FTC rules about affiliate marketing here.

When posting or sharing your link, you should make it known to your readers and followers that you will receive compensation if they buy a product via your link. This declaration should be clear and conspicuous (and reiterated as needed). Again, you can read the FTC rules (and their quick FAQ) here.

12. Terminations

We can end this relationship at anytime, and so can you. This affiliate agreement has been designed to ensure the highest quality relationship between us. Hopefully we have demonstrated our obligations for you to become a highly prosperous Affiliate.